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Meet Jenni

Entrepreneur | Visionary | Leadership Luminary

Jenni Maiwald Wendell, a passionate entrepreneur and wellness Luminary, is committed to helping aspiring business owners bring their wellness vision to life. With over 15 years of experience in the wellness industry and a proven track record of successful business launches, Jenni has the knowledge and expertise needed to guide clients through every stage of the start-up process. From market research and business planning to branding and marketing, Jenni provides a supportive method and customized solutions that help clients turn their ideas into profitable ventures. Jenni is passionate about creating a more vibrant and healthy world, and is dedicated to empowering others to make a positive impact through their business ventures.

Jenni is a renowned and accomplished figure in the world of wellness, personal growth, and community development. With over a decade of experience in the industry, she has established herself as a leading expert on mindfulness, meditation, and yoga. Her unique approach to teaching these practices has helped countless individuals lead more balanced, meaningful, and fulfilling lives. Jenni is also a respected program developer and facilitator, having led several trainings and delivered impactful and curated experiences at major festivals and events around the world. Whether through her writing, teaching, or speaking engagements, Jenni is deeply committed to helping others curate inner peace and navigate life in a fulfilling and impactful way.


The Luminary Leadership Workshop

Coming SOON!

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